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Water & Sewer Utilities

Water & Sewer Billing
The City of Marlette bills monthly and bills are calculated per thousand gallons, with a minimum of 0-2,000 gallons. Payments can be mailed, placed in the drop box outside of City Hall, brought in during office hours, Monday - Friday 8 A.M. - 4:30 P.M., or paid online. We accept debit and credit card with a 3% processing fee, $2 minimum. Failure to receive a bill does not relieve a customer of any payment obligations or late charges. To avoid late penalties of 10% of the total amount due, ensure your payment is received by the due date. Water is shut off on the 20th day of each month for accounts with a past due balance. The account needs to be paid in full in order for services to be restored. To avoid service interruption and the $75 fee, make sure your past due amount is paid no later than the 19th of the month, as indicated on your shut off notice. 

If your bill seems high, check for leaks such as a dripping faucet, a running toilet, or other unsuspected leaks that may be the cause of the high usage. 

Utility Rates

  • Debt Service Based On Annual Usage and Meter Size: $35 to $300
  • Garbage: $17.34
  • Sewer Improvement: $2
  • Sewer Rates: $12.87 Per 1,000 Gallons
  • Water Improvement: $2
  • City Water Rates (Decreasing Rate):
    • 0 - 2,000 Gallons: $7.48
    • 2,000 - 17,000: $4.19
    • 17,000 - Beyond: $3.50
  • Township Water Rates (Decreasing Rate):
    • 0 - 2,000 Gallons: $14.96
    • 2,000 - 17,000: $8.37
    • 17,000 - Beyond: $7.02
Tap Fees:
  • City Water and/or Sewer: $1,200
  • Non City Limits Water and/or Sewer: $1,800
  • Lawn Meter: $250
  • Pull Meter/Re-Install Meter: $100
  • Replace Broken Water Meter: $250
Report a Street Light Outage/Trouble
The City of Marlette is working with Detroit Edison's Community Lighting Group to expedite the repair and maintenance of the streetlights in our community. In the event of streetlight outage, please call City Hall at 989-635-7448, Monday through Friday, to report the street light outage.