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marlette rising

Upcoming Events:A year’s worth of research, public input, and a new Master Plan have opened up a number of opportunities for new construction, new businesses, and community growth in Marlette. To help you consider investing in our city, we have brought together all of the state, local and federal agencies who can help you start a new business or build new housing. You can register here.

Lisa Kenny, Community Development Specialist 989-635-7448 or email

Ryan Rudzis, Marlette City Manager, 989-635-7448 or email


What is Marlette Rising? Marlette Rising came about from the 2019 community engagement with Project Rising Tide, an initiative to help find ways to develop a vibrant downtown with the businesses the residents want and need, and to spur building off affordable new single-family homes, condos, and market-rate apartments for the people working in the community. A new master plan was created with the input of hundreds of individual residents, business owners, community leaders, the Marlette DDA, Marlette Chamber of Commerce, the Project Rising Tide Steering Committee, Marlette Schools, the planning commission, park board, and City Hall. Our work will continue under the name "Marlette Rising".

This Community and Economic Development project is all about our strengthening our existing economic assets while creating more to build a diverse, strong district of small businesses, entrepreneurs and residents by:

  • Attracting new businesses to fill the downtown shopping district by filling proven needs.
  • Supporting our existing businesses with business training, shopping maps, monthly email coupons, social media, and community cross-promotions.
  • Spurring development of market-rate, affordable housing options including new single-family homes, condos, and apartments.
  • Organizing community events that appeal to all ages and bring people into the area for the day to see our town in a new light.
  • Adaptive reuse of vacant/underused properties.
  • Continually engaging with Marlette residents and businesses to find innovative solutions to challenges we face as a community.

Marlette Rising is a true community group, with the city, DDA, and Chamber of Commerce leading the way. Dozens of volunteers spend countless hours beautifying our community, organizing events, serving on boards and commissions, and working together to help Marlete become the community we envisioned for the future.

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Marlette residents were asked to use one word to describe what they wanted Marlette to look like in 2025, and these are the answers. The larger the font, the more it was said. 

If you would like more information on Marlette Rising, or would like to volunteer to help your community grow, please contact Lisa Kenny, Community Development Specialist here