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The City of Marlette accepts credit and debit cards for utility bills and taxes through an arrangement with the vendor Point and Pay.  Utility payments with a credit or debit card can be made online or at City Hall. We are unable to accept debit and credit tax payments at City Hall, that service is currently online only. 
This vendor charges a 3% fee with a $2.00 minimum for all credit and debit card payments. For example, a $100.00 utility bill would include a vendor fee of $3.00, for a total transaction of $103.00. The City of Marlette does not keep the vendor fee. 

When paying online, Point and Pay also offers the ability to pay with an electronic check.  The vendor fee for an electronic check is $3.00 for any amount up to $10,000.  Amounts over $10,000 are charged a vendor fee of $10.00.

To make an electronic payment online, please click one of the links below for either utility bills or taxes.  These links will take you to the web portal for payments.

Cash, check, and credit card payments can be made at City Hall during normal business hours.



 Marlette Farmers Market Fees    

Residents can also look up historical payment and usage information by using the options under the "Public Records Search" menu on the left side of the screen.  Residents will be asked to create a log-in account to enable this look-up information at no cost.  If you choose not to create a log-in account, charges a small fee to look-up this information.  The City of Marlette does not keep this fee.

Please call City Hall at 989-635-7448 if you have any questions.
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