1. City Treasurer

    The City Treasurer's Office handles taxes, budgets, and parcel information for the City of Marlette.

  2. Performance Dashboard

    The Municipal Performance Dashboard includes financial and operating measures important to the government and its citizens. This data includes a current and prior year overview comparison as well as charts and graphs that allow you to view trends over multiple years.

  3. Police

    The primary goal of the Police Department is protection of life and property, prevention of crime and apprehension of criminal perpetrators.

  4. Fire

    The Fire Department is responsible for fire suppression, fire prevention, building maintenance, and inspections.

  5. Public Works

    The Department of Public Works maintains our streets, water/sewer hook-ups and maintenance, cemetery up keep, and maintenance of the park and pool.

  6. Wastewater

    Learn about submitting wastewater samples from the surrounding community.

  7. Chamber of Commerce

    View Chamber of Commerce information and activities.

  8. Parks & Recreation

    Gather information about hours of operation, available amenities and services.

  9. Planning & Zoning

    Review the city's master plan and zoning ordinances.

  10. City Clerk

    The Marlette City Clerk is in charge of elections, utility billing, and is the official record keeper of the City of Marlette.